#10410 | 2018-01-17 Copenhagen area, Denmark

Experienced Python Consultant

For one of our customers we are seeking an experienced Python Consultant, for SME Scheduler & Batch Jobs support with Python skill.

This Candidate will be involved in the analysis and support of batch application testing of the migrated mainframe and batch components in integrated and independent test environments.

  • Understand functionalities of change and problem requests.
  • Analysis of impact in the existing system and estimation.
  • Work with batch application teams to optimize testing capabilities and production deployments.
  • Analyze, develop batch components for Stonebranch using Python technologies.
  • Optimize the batch applications using testing capabilities.
  • Support test batch execution for applications as part of integrated and independent releases.
  • Understand functionalities of change and problem requests and batch optimization based on the system understanding.
  • Build and support enterprise batch application schedules using Python and Stonebranch.
  • Write Python scripting, for various functions such as maintenance, backup, and server health checks.
  • Analyze the batch issues and provide the resolutions for applications.
  • Perform application deployment and production support activities using Stonebranch.
  • Co-ordinate with required stakeholders (Release Management, Data Management and Configuration Management) to support the project.
  • Retrofit changes across all release platforms for Python and Stonebranch technologies.
  • Good experience with Python and preferable with Stonebranch or another scheduling tools.
  • Good experience with basic Batch job troubleshooting and resolve issues.
  • Work with application development and testing teams for batch cycle execution.
  • Ability to handle batch cycles for multiple test regions for multiple applications.
  • Good understanding of windows platforms, preferable some Mainframe understanding
  • Experience with Python and preferable with JCL and REXX.
  • Support job migration from test region to production.
  • Some knowledge of support tools such as HP Quality Center/ALM, JIRA.
  • Willingness to learn and support multiple platforms/applications.
  • Provide batch cycle execution status to Release management teams.
  • Flexible with work schedule to support batch cycle execution when required.

Start: ASAP
Duration: 8 months
Work location: Copenhagen area
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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