#10703 | 2018-02-27 Copenhagen, Denmark

Cyber Security Lead

For a large financial client in Copenhagen, we are looking for a Senior Cyber Security Lead who can run a portfolio of Cyber Security projects

You have 10+ years IT Security/Cyber Security experience preferably from a consulting and security project delivery background.

You have experience in areas for example in network security enhancements, I&AM, multifactor authentication, Cyber defence centre and Cyber resilience improvements.
Your role is to drive the projects and provide expert content and direction.

Your role will be to:

  • Lead the shaping and definition of the scope and approach for each of the projects in the CyberSec portfolio
  • Provide expertise to guide the requirements, solutioning and delivery of the CyberSec projects themselves
  • Work collaboratively with the portfolio owner and PMs in Technology Change to manage and drive the projects themselves
  • Assist with the governance of the projects with Technology Change, the head of TISO and stakeholders in the line
  • Provide executive and board level reporting to support the TISO area on the progress on the CyberSec state and deliveries

It is key to have a solid background in CyberSec best practice implementation, understanding of the challenges and threats facing the financial sector, and in-depth experience in the security architecture of solutions to mitigate CyberSec threats and provide Cyber resilience. This requires senior PM experience of running multiple projects in parallel, across geographies and in the shaping, running, delivering CyberSec projects and transitioning results to the line.

Start: 05 March 2018
Duration: 31 December 2018
Work location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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