#11021 | 2018-04-12 Stockholm, Sweden

Partnership(Product) - Manager

What is the team working with and what is the consultant aimed to do;
This team is consisting of 8 people, 7 developers and one Accountable Lead working Card issuing services. Our new consultant will interact a lot with our issuing partner on a daily basis, following up contracts, manage SLA’s, discuss new solution, get information and push em. Also work with modelling the new economic models for card issuing along with general tasks related to the team.

Example of skills we are looking for
  • Stakeholder management for issuing services in Cards
  • Skilled in driving self, push suppliers, negotiate, and make sure to protect the costumers interest
  • Building Cost model for Card issuing. Economic background is interesting.
  • Person has product background (product manager, business analyst, relationship manager at startup, or at least is crazy + smart )
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Thinks about every corner case, covers that when negotiating contracts, is proactive with asking questions.
  • Person has experience doing financial modelling (doesn't need to be a former investment banker, but doing projections and getting numbers from contracts and has a keen eye for how we can improve in costs, potentially interested in developing an LTV model or pricing model).
  • Person should be hungry for more, Agile mind-set and Senior.

Start: asap
Duration: 2018-07-31
Work location: Stockholm, Sweden
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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