#8312 | 2017-03-28 Midtjylland, Denmark

Consultant for SAP PS Template development & implementation

Client is using SAP PS, among others, in the area of "Advanced Manufacturing Execution".

The purpose of the project is to evaluate the options for using SAP PS to a higher extend and evaluate business needs in the contexts of SAP PS logistics area.

The consultant will be responsible for the SAP PS logistics areas. Client has an internal consultant covering the PS finance area.

Client has prepared a 2 days work shop May 15 and 16. Here it's important that the consultant can participate. Would expect that the consultant needs approx. 2 days to prepare/get familar with clients set-up prior to the work shop.

Before summer it's expected to discuss/agree on future set-up.

Based on the findings/agreement there might come an implementation phase after the summer 2017.

Need-to-have competencies:
SAP PS logistic - high level
SAP MM/PP - medium level

Start: 1.st of may
Duration: 31. october ( 10 hours a week), onsite location
Work location: Midtjylland, Denmark
Requirements: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.
Type: Freelance

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