It was also the best year ever for ProData Consult.

2014 was a good year

It was also the best year ever for ProData Consult.

In 2014, more than 750 different ProData consultants were engaged in projects for over 240 different ProData Consult customers in six different countries. Our revenue grew by more than 30%, and we retained our position as the largest in Denmark within our segment, measured by the number of consultants placed with customers.

Over and above the increase in exciting jobs - with the most desirable clients, our expansion has increased our ability to provide ever better service to our consultants, and in case you haven’t had that experience, then we’d love to hear from you.

2015 looks set to be just as exciting as 2014. There is every sign that the economic upswing is here to stay and the pipeline from our customers looks very promising indeed. We have also won many public tenders with deliveries starting in 2015. So we are confident that 2015 will see many exciting assignments within all technology and competence areas.

In this "New Year edition" of ConsultantNews we have mixed a (we think) exciting cocktail of what our industry's key movers and shakers believe 2015 will bring for our industry.
In the year 2015 we will be doing our utmost to be the best consultancy company to partner with. On behalf of everyone at ProData Consult, I would like to thank you for your good and loyal cooperation in 2014 and wish you a successful consulting year in 2015.

Søren Rode

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