New consolidated ProData Consult

CEO Søren Rode, ProData Consult.

ProData Consult and Raft Consulting merged on 1 January 2016. With this merger, we’ve consolidated our position as Denmark’s largest consultancy in our segment, which gives us an even better platform for serving you and giving you access to the most exciting projects on the market.

The merger of the two companies has been challenging, but also interesting and intense. We’re pleased and proud that we haven’t experienced any churn in connection with the merger – either in relation to clients or consultants – and I would particularly like to thank all Raft consultants for your patience and cooperation in connection with the transformation into ProData Consult.

The merger means that we can offer even more exciting freelance projects from even more clients. We now have framework agreements with virtually all of the major consultancy clients on the Danish market. At the same time, we have strengthened our presence on the Swedish market, where we now have an office in Stockholm. Our presence in Sweden now has a meaningful volume – with plenty of room for growth – and we’re sending more and more consultants to work on projects on the other side of the Øresund. We count on expanding even more on the Swedish market in 2016

We will use the energy and resources the merger and higher volume has given us to optimize and improve our service to you even further, and we are currently working on a new version of

In general, it’s been a busy year so far, with extensive optimism and good winds in the consulting market. We are experiencing heavy demand in virtually all competency categories, and if you are on the lookout for freelance projects, I recommend that you visit and update your CV, as well as keeping an eye on what projects are available. You can also contact our resource department directly.

In this issue of ConsultantNews, you’ll find a real-life story about a ProData consultant who made a big difference for her client. This is something we see every day, and it’s something we’re very proud of and grateful for.


Søren Rode

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